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Who Are We

Maigual presents

Quijote Project Live Show

With this unprecedented show, you travel through the hypothetical thoughts of Miguel de Cervantes that led him to create his historic work, Don Quixote de la Mancha.

Enjoy a fusion of literature, electronic music, and on-stage immersive visuals never seen before, which allude to characters and chapters of the book.

Discover the adventures of Quixote and Sancho in a different, updated and closer way through ten songs, each with its original visual production. Thanks to the use of contemporary music and visual art this total spectacle is appealing to all audiences, and especially to younger generations that would otherwise miss out on this timeless masterpiece.

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Maigual, as performers, is a team of 5 people. On stage, the DJ duo is accompained by an electric guitar player. Two visual artists are in charge of controlling and performing the visuals.

Please check the following documents for more detailed information. Duration: 80min

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